Kid Phantom Issue No 2, 2017


36 pages full colour. Incl. Poster and a Colour Competition to win a 1 year subscription of Kid Phantom.

Story written by Andrew Constant. Artwork by Paul Mason.

Kid Phantom 2 is the 2nd part of the new comic book from Frew, aimed at a younger audience. It will chronicle the adventures of the current Phantom when he was a young boy.
In the first issue, the current Phantom, 21st in the line, is shown as a young boy growing up in the Deep Woods, playing with his pygmy Bandar friends and training with his father, the 20th Phantom.
It is quickly established, that his education is sadly lacking and that he also needs to start developing his own set of values and learn some humility along the way, SO…it is decided to send him to to the United States, to begin his schooling. Accompanied by his lifelong friend, Guran, the son of the Bandar chieftain, they sail to America, to stay with his aunt and uncle. Upon arrival, he finds he has trouble settling into a suburban lifestyle and adapting to the ways of Western civilisation. He enrols in high school and soon runs afoul of his classmates. He is taken under the wings of his physical education teacher and the headmaster and very quickly acclimatises to the ways of the west. He still has a wild and restless nature, though, as most young boys do in their early teens and is soon having his own adventures disguised in the ‘Kid Phantom’ costume that he has packed away, and brought with him, on his journey. He will have an opportunity to learn some valuable life lessons and establish a foundation for the traits and qualities that we associate with the adult Phantom. In short, we will see how the Phantom became a hero.Whilst the new series is sure to resonate with die-hard Phantom fans, a key objective is to introduce new, younger generations to the Phantom. Kid Phantom allows parents and kids alike (boys and girls) to (re)discover the enduring and popular Phantom comic series through a contemporary new format.Kid Phantom is illustrated by Queensland comic artist, Doctor of Visual Arts and international Tae Kwon Do champion, Paul Mason, whose lively, energetic style has given our young hero a fresh, new look that will set this title apart from anything else out there. The first issue is written by the enigmatic Henriques and the new issue #2 is written by award-winning Australian writer, Andrew Constant. Kid Phantom will be published quarterly in the popular ‘digest-size’ format and available at all newsagents and comic book shops, and direct from Frew. Please phone or buy online. The first issue had a double page of stickers in the centre, ready to adorn those school textbooks. Although aimed at a younger audience, a lot of the regular Phantom readers will find it a fun read, as well.THIS IS THE FIRST NEW PHANTOM COMIC FROM FREW IN 50 YEARS!!!

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