Issue 1730 - fortnightly, 2015


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Mystery of the Golden Rune Part 3  Count of ther Darkness" - story by Norman Worker and art by Felmang.

Cover art by Jeremy MacPherson.

Story :The Mystery of the Golden Rune Part 3, Count of the Darkness, written by Norman Worker with art by Felmang has a dark foreboding feel to it which is due in part to the strange and frightening appearance of a demonic horn helmeted character who’s purpose is never at any point brought into clarity. He obviously dances to his own tune in pursuit of a private agenda which involves the 9th Phantom. What that is, remains bound up in the mystery of  the rune.  Ultimately, after a thoroughly dangerous and entertaining mission to rescue his kidnapped son The Phantom is handed a piece of the puzzle. As you might expect in a multi part series not all the questions are answered and so it becomes more than ever imperative to follow up with parts 4 & 5. Otherwise how are we to solve The Mystery of the Golden Rune?

The cover for this Issue was once again drawn and coloured for us by Jeremy MacPherson who was responsible for the covers of the previous two episodes in the series.  After a little tweaking of the rough draft I am very pleased with the result. I really loved the sense of fear displayed in Storm’s expressive eye on the front cover as he shy's away from the evil presence that appears menacingly in front of him.  Any less accomplished horsemen would have been thrown from his mount at this point. The relationship that develops throughout this story between The Phantom and the wild horse Storm is yet another delightful aspect of a wonderful  and gripping story that has wide appeal. 


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