Issue 1721 - fortnightly, 2015


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Bourbon Tax" - story by Jens Hansegard and art by Heiner Bade.

Story : 

The Bourbon Tax, written by Jens Hansegard has a brooding dark historical feel provided through the penmanship of artist Heiner Bade. What we do know is that during the period of time between 1756 - 1783 France had built up an enormous debt by participating in the Seven Year War and the American Revolution.

In 1783 Louis XVI the French King of the Bourbon dynasty inherited these debt problems and appointed Charles de Calonne as Controller General of Finances. He recommend wide sweeping across the board taxation as the only way to rescue France from debt. This tax was rejected by the nobles but applied across the board to the bourgeoisie and the peasant population leading eventually to the French revolution. Perhaps an unjust hidden treasure was collected through this period of Bourbon taxation, fact or fiction I’ll leave to you?  So now that I’ve given you the setting for Hansegard’s story!

Stage left, enter the Phantom! You will enjoy this adventure I feel sure! ....

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