Issue 1467 - Annual 2007


This Annual is highly collectible.

Images to the left look "shiny" due to plastic wrapped.

Mint condition - never opened - plastic wrapped with Replica print of original Issue 16 from 1949, "Adventure in Algiers"!

Contains Classic Stories: Big retro tribute to Falk and Barry.

The Astronauts and the Pirates, Lee Falk / Sy Barry, 1962
The Phantom's Vacation, Lee Falk / Sy Barry, 1981
Phantom Head Peak, Lee Falk / Sy Barry, 1986
Exodus of The Little People, Lee Falk / Sy Barry, 1988
Attack of The Witchmen, Lee Falk / Sy Barry, 1990
Valley of the Elephants, Lee Falk / Sy Barry, 1991
Return of the Thuggees, Lee Falk / Sy Barry, 1991
The Blue Gang, Lee Falk / Sy Barry, 1945
Mystery of Fire Peak, Tony De Paul / Graham Nolan, 2006

Sold Out

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