Issue 1403 - Christmas Special, 2004


100 pages.

Mint condition.

3 story Special:
"Avenger from the Sea" - story by Norman Worker and art by Georges Bess.
"The Viking Fortress Mystery" - complete story by Graham Nolan.
"The Locust God" - complete story by George Olesen and art by Keith Williams.
Cover art by Antonio Lemos.

Story : 
Loads of entertainment in this issue!
"Avenger by the Sea", was written by Norman Worker and the adventure contains probably the longest sequence ever created about the death of a Phantom and the emergence of a new Ghost who Walks in this case the ninth in line.It is a rip roaring adventure in which the action never flags and a really nasty chief villain called Captain Blood wreaks havoc from beginning to end.
"The Viking Fortress Mystery" and "The Locust God" are respectively new Sunday and daily newspaper strip stories created in the U.S The Vikings were adventurous explorers and travellers, travelling as far as North America but never reached the east coast of Africa which is now generally accepted to be Phantom country. It is of minor importance comic art and story does not have to stick to rigid fact.
George Olesen and Keith Williams joined forces to create "The Locust God", as you will discover there are links to some earlier Lee Falk Phantom happenings...


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