70th Sy Barry Signature misprint (5)


This "misprint" is (falsely) signed by Sy Barry.

Unfortunately the cover is not proper printed (see image). But with Sy Barry's Signature it is too valuable to throw it away. So we decided to sell it for just $20.

100 pages.


The Reef / The Hijackers stories by Lee Falk and art by Sy Barry
The Jumbie - story by Christopher Sequeira and art by Massimo Gamberi
The Yacht Thieves - story and art by Angelo Todaro
Plus a 70 year history by Barry Stubbersfield and a Sy Barry interview by Andreas Eriksson.
Front cover by Sy Barry
Back cover by Massimo Gamberi

We selected two Falk, Barry stories "The Reef" and "The Hijackers" for this issue and then we asked some of our current creatives if they would have a crack at creating sequels for each.
The result being "The Jumbie" written by Christopher Sequeira with art by Massimo Gamberi a sequel to The Reef, and "The Yacht Thieves", our sequel to The Hijackers, written and drawn by Angelo Todaro. In addition to his art on The Jumbie, Massimo also did the breathtaking back cover. It seems as though our Italian artists have been deeply influenced by Sy, (the master).
Thanks also to Barry Stubbersfield for his terrific 70 year history and
Andreas Eriksson for a wonderful interview with Sy.


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