Posters - Sets of 4

At last, Phantom Posters!

We have created 2 Collections of 4 posters that belong to each other for their style and "retro-ness". 

That's a total of 8 images and we have printed 250 of each.
They look great as Collections or "Sets" but can also be purchased individually for a "mix and match" display.

Originally we were going A1 in size but the idea of creating a "run" or Set of images that belonged together was just too good to ignore.
So all the posters are now A2 which means you can display more than 1 at a time. (There is just not enough real estate on most walls to display multiple A1 posters).

Size: A2 (420mm x 594mm)
Paper stock: Satin finish, 150gsm

Each Poster is now $10.00 including GST (Australia).
Each Set of 4 is $40.00 including GST (Australia).
Sets offer a massive saving in postage.

Postage: To ensure Mint condition delivery we are using Australia Post Tubes.

Australia: These Tubes are not cheap to mail to you at $10.10 each but they will hold up to 8 posters before the post cost increases.

So, you can purchase either or both complete Sets of Posters and the postage will still only be $10.10.

(If you only buy one Poster the postage will be the same $10.10).

Outside Australia: The same Tubes are used and the Postage cost is weight and zone dependent.

You will see the cost in Checkout, before completing your purchase.

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