Phantom - 70th Anniversary Hard Cover


Exclusive limited release: Hardcover Phantom (unsigned)

We had 50 hardcover versions of our second trade paperback, The Man who cannot Die, 25 flown around the world to be signed by the artists and writers that contributed. The signature featured are Sy Barry, Freddie Williams II, Massimo Gamberi, Romano Felmang,  Pidde Andersson, Dale Maccanti, Shane Foley, Andrew Constant and Jason Paulos. A special bonus is a Sy Barry plate, signed by the great man himself.  

This is Frew’s first ever hardcover and as a limited edition it is already rare.
We only have 25 unsigned left… don’t delay your decision or they may be gone!

  • The Return of the Sky Band by Lee Falk and Ray Moore, the sixth
    Sunday newspaper story (1941)
  • Revenge of the Sky Band by Andrew Constant and Jason Paulos, first appearance (2018)
  • The Movie Stars by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy, the 38th daily newspaper story (1950)
  • Jungle Love by ‘Pidde’ Andersson and Shane Foley, first appearance (2018)
  • The Slave Market of Mucar by Lee Falk and Sy Barry, the 82nd daily
    newspaper story (1961)
  • The Child Soldiers of Mucar by Dale Maccanti and Romano Felmang
    & Morrik, first appearance (2018)

Highly collectible!

Sold Out

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